23 Nisan 2016 Cumartesi

Talking Paper Planes flew in SLOVENIA!

  • At the end of March were flying paper planes in Slovenia. Planes made pupils of 6th grade of primary school Osnovna šola Ob Rinži Kočevje. Slideshow: http://www.photoshow.com/watch/Ru6Mi9jb.

15 Nisan 2016 Cuma

And Poltava, UKRAINE flew their talking paper planes!

MALTA flew their planes too!

"As an introduction we watch the music video 'I lived' by One Republic. It talks about a teen that even though he has Cystic Fibrosis, he still tries a lot of things in life and doesn't hold back.

We also watched Leonardo di Caprio's Oscar's Acceptance Speech. He never gave up and finally won an award. He also used the time to send a powerful message to the world about Climate Change.

The 2 videos were discussed in class by the students. They than shared some of their fears, hopes and dreams. We are a multicultural school so various students who were from war stricken countries wrote that they feared War. Others mentioned a career as a 'dream' or a 'hope' whilst others mentioned 'peace' or 'health' as a dream for the world. Footballing was a major 'dream' in our school.

We than used our school grounds, specifically our bastions (built at the time of the Knights of St John) to fly the paper planes down to the school grounds. The children really enjoyed themselves :) Thanks for the idea!"

At St Edward's College Malta, the project took place during our Life Skills lesson with students aged 10-11 (Grade 6 of the Middle School).

MOLDOVA is with us too!